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Tender Care: Infant massage & care

Tender Care: Infant massage & care

Date: Bonding in Love through Touch


A thoughtful and nurturing program designed to provide new mothers with essential skills and knowledge in infant care and massage. This program spans two weekly sessions, each lasting one hour, offering a warm and supportive environment for mothers to bond with their infants while learning practical caregiving, massage and reflexology techniques.


What is covered:

  • Massage strokes & touch relaxation
  • Infant reflexology
  • Bonding techniques & ways to recognise your baby’s cues
  • Understanding Colic - Gas and colic routine
  • Understanding your baby’s cry
  • How to ask permission & how doing so builds respect
  • How to choose the best oil for your massage
  • How to identify the best time for massage & ways to work it into your daily life & more!

Benefits for parents and Child:
Infant massage is shown to help increase attachment between baby and parents

  • Infant massage helps to calm, soothe, and decrease the level of stress hormones in babies
  • Promote better understanding of infant cues
  • Enhance communication and emotional ties
  • Infant massage stimulates babies’ left and right brain functions and encourages muscle development and tone.
  • Increase confidence and handling skills
  • Encourage parents to unwind, relax, and listen to their baby


  • Sessions are conducted 1:1
  • Sessions are private and confidentiality is maintained



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Discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life.