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Our Mission to create a safe space for women

Our vision is to ensure no women is alone in their motherhood journey & finds the right support and guidance through Momly.

Our Android and iOS app is available across all geographies and caters to community building, evidence based knowledge buliding and curated products for women in different stages of motherhood

Who we are?

Momly was founded in 2022 by passionate mothers on a mission to provide a platform for women to navigate motherhood. Neha had her first child in 2019 and had recently moved back from the US to India. Being in a new city and with covid lockdown, she didn't have anyone to talk to about those little things, and no online forum provided that space be vulnerable and find real support. She connected with her college friend and new mom, on the problem who was also looking for online forums to guide her between traditional Indian practices and western approaches to parenting.

This, coupled with their passion for technology, led to the birth of Momly - an AI-powered online community of women who can support each other through all phases of motherhood, pregnancy, postpartum, fertility, adoption, and others.


  • Neha Sondhi

    Neha Sondhi


  • Supriya Anathakrishnan

    Supriya Anathakrishnan


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  • NASSCOM 10,000 Startups
  • Level UP
  • Startup India
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Discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life.

Discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life.