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to meet & find support.

Connect with women and experts who are there to listen, support, and offer valuable advice on fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting.

Momly is a safe, judgment-free and women-only AI-powered platform, to help moms and to-be moms to focus on their social, mental and physical wellbeing at
every stage of motherhood.


Discover women nearby who
are at a similar stage in life.

Mom Friends can be the hardest friends to make. When we enter motherhood, we evolve and often find it difficult to connect with existing friends. We want authentic mom friends who share the same journey and can be there to answer our little queries or even plan play dates with our ones, join Momly social to have fun.


Every mom needs a
network of mom friends.

Momly is a social network built to provide a supportive & judgment-free community. Ask questions, get advice. Share your journey with fellow women and discuss everything under the sun. Who knows you might find your Mom Best Friend living right next door.

More than 50+ expert sessions conducted.

From lactation consultants to mental health professionals, parenting experts, and pediatric dentistry

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Here's what our users have to say -

We had a gala chit chat time at the Momly Social! Well a relaxed mind, not worrying about my toddler's late sleep, late rise and other phases, was what I got up with, the next morning. A sense of confidence, that my MOM squad filled in me, gave me a happy smile. A feeling of friendship and a hope to make deeper connections really started the day with a brighter sunshine. Eagerly waiting for more times together. I'm sure it is going to be a happy Mom world. All thanks to the MOMLY team. Kudos!

- Shreya Prakash

"Momly has been such a wonderful platform for moms & moms to be. Specially for me as I was new to Lucknow it really helped me meet people make friends and create a happy place. The best part was that I got reunited with a long lost friends to be more precise my 5th grade classmate from Nepal in Lucknow! What are the odds! Thanks Momly I am enjoying every bit of my journey with you!"

- Preksha Sinha

"I am so impressed with the dedication of the team to implement the Momly app. Friends are like God's gift, through this app I am able to get connected with many people. Only because of Momly, I met few moms in recent event, had amazing conversations , great food, and games. More words can not describe the happiness I had. This app is very important to the people who are really looking for solutions of the particular questions in their journey of motherhood. Once again thanks a ton for create momly app team."

- Manju Reddy