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Mind & Body Postpartum Recovery

Mind & Body Postpartum Recovery

Date: 1 on 1 sessions


Dear Moms,

Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little one! 🍼 We know that the journey of motherhood is filled with joy, but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding, especially during the postpartum period.

We're excited to introduce our one-month Postpartum Recovery Program designed exclusively for you. Our program is more than just a recovery plan; it's a journey to rejuvenation, self-care, and support during this transformative time in your life.

The Holistic Program offers a comprehensive approach to postpartum well-being, encompassing not just physical fitness but also emotional wellness and overall self-care

What you can expect:

  • Comprehensive fitness plans incorporating a blend of strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and flexibility exercises.
  • Customized postpartum Pilates programs designed to meet specific needs.
  • Targeted exercises to address diastasis recti (abdominal separation) when applicable.
  • Exercise routines tailored for enhancing pelvic floor health and addressing muscular imbalances.
  • Low-impact cardiovascular workouts aimed at boosting overall cardiovascular fitness.
  • Expert guidance on achieving weight management safely and effectively.
  • Strategies for enhancing posture and optimizing body alignment.
  • Techniques for nurturing mental well-being, including mindfulness and stress reduction methods.
  • Counseling sessions to support emotional well-being.
  • Consultations for well-rounded women's health care.

📆 Program Details:

  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Start Date: Based on your sign-up date
  • Sessions: 17 (12 Fitness, 4 Emotional Wellbeing and 1 Weel-women care)
  • Location: Online
  • Demo session: INR 199
  • Price: INR 14000/-

📞 How to Get Started:

To embark on this incredible journey of postpartum recovery and self-care, simply Registration in the link below. You will be having an initial assessment, with expert, advice on sessions and customisations required for you, online sessions and reassessment and feedback collection.

Please whatsapp us on: +91 8545822296

Who can join in?

  • Women post 6 months after child birth
  • Women who want a well-rounded approach to postpartum recovery, addressing both physical and emotional aspects.
  • Women who have completed the initial recovery phase and are ready for more intensive exercises.
  • Women looking to regain overall strength, endurance, and functional fitness.

Those looking to prioritize self-care, mental health, and emotional well-being. Fitness Classes will be thrice a week, along with 1 private counselling session per week for emotional wellbeing (EWB) and 1 private Well Woman Care (WWC) consult during the month.

About the Instructor:

FemFirst has an integrated team of doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, alternate medical professionals, nutritionists, lactation counselors, fitness experts among the many others to support a woman through different phases of her life. With over 16 years of experience, they have a passionate team of women experts, providing compassionate, customised care.


Price: Rs. 14000 /-

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