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Women’s health and well-being: A comprehensive insight

12 minute read, Written By: Archana Goyal

When you think being disease free, its like army with loaded arms and cake with ice-cream. Got confused? Now u must be wondering what it is. So, in simple words good health is stated as a complete state of physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. It is completely well understood that if one is healthy that means he or she is not ill. In actual today’s world health means feeling well enough to perform physically, mentally and socially. Inner happiness is very important for your true health. Although health has body’s natural function and efficiency to adapt towards physical and mental changes where body is exposed to outer world. And if we talk about the community health it solely depends on individual health and here today, we are talking about women health.

Women who are the soul of family needs to be taken care of on priority, as said having healthy women in family is very important to have a healthy nation. For all women be it a home maker, working females, care taking mom’s or working mothers everyone should take of themselves in order to take care of their family she should prioritize themselves first then only she can take care of her family and work. According to the current status by women and child care department, every second women is suffering from illness whether it is physically, emotionally, socially or can be economically. So, it’s really very important for all women to start thinking about their health on priority. The major two barriers that may keep women behind of doing self-care may be lack of time or may their health is not the priority as they are busy taking care of others around them.

Being a healthy woman isn’t about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters – on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves.

By Michelle Obama

According to the current scenario, women are super busy and packed up with loads of work. So will be discussing few of the important points why women health is important for them as well for others – Prioritizing health may help to prevent and treat diseases timely that are specific to or commonly seen among women now a days as breast or cervical cancers, osteoporosis, anemia, menopausal symptoms, eating disorders, weight issues, hormonal issues, depression, are commonly seen which severally impact their mental and physical well – being. These all diseases can show significant rise in morbidity and mortality rate which slowly reduces the quality of life for women as well as for their loved ones. In order to this if they get easy approach towards preventive, diagnostic and also therapeutic services where lives can be saved with improved outcomes. Also, by challenging age-old stereotypic norms for women and raising awareness, their overall health status can be improved. Women health is actually not a personal issue but a public issue where action is needed to be taken seriously.

We have been hearing from the past as women needs to take care of others in family and then of herself, but now the scenario and saying has been changed where women need to take care of her health on priority then only, she can take care of her loved one around them. Now in a simpler way she needs to take of her overall health on priority. This can in real help you to prevent diseases, manage your stress levels by improving your health and well-being which in- turn empowers you to achieve your goals in life also improves your quality of life. Here I am sharing some of the ways that can help you to take care of yourself as a woman:

  • Eating healthy – Focusing on real food that is locally available to you, preparing balanced and nutritious diet that includes whole grains, millets, fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, focusing on lean protein and healthy fats last but not the least very important keeping urself well hydrated will help you with the essential nutrients your body needs to perform well. Having healthy balanced diet also helps in prevention of chronic diseases and management of metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, fatty liver, hormonal disturbances etc.
  • Exercise – Taking 45 mins in a day for yourself can help you to stay healthy, slow down ageing process and keep your mental well being at high is a must in your daily schedule. Also it helps your body to be fit and keep your mind working in many ways. Exercise helps you to maintain healthy optimum weight, also helps to strengthen muscles tissues and bones, lowering down your hypertension and raised cholesterol levels. Most importantly it also helps you to stay in a good mood keeping your good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin on high and correcting ur hormonal issues. Exercise also helps to boost up ur self esteem and lower down the risk of depression, anxiety and dementia which now a days are commonly seen in women.
  • Prioritise your sleep – 7 – 8 hrs sleep is must for ur overall health and development, where it helps ur body to repair wear and tear going on inside, improves ur concentration levels, helps u to focus well, regularize ur hormones and lastly improves ur immune system. Have a healthy bedtime routein, avoid intake of caffeine 2 hrs before bedtime,have ur meals as early as possible 3 -4 hrs before sleep, avoid screen time half an hr before sleep, make ur room dark and meditate for 10 mins before bedtime to have sound sleep.
  • Stress management – Now a days u can see stress on a little one too as they too are not left untouched by stress. Where it is an alarming signal for ur health which had a huge negative impact on ur health showing symptoms like, severe headaches, stomach issues, insomnia, fatigue, irritability and depression. On the other hand it also affect your immune system increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Try to manage your stress by taking help of professionals, talk to someone on whom u can rely on, meditate for 20 mins daily, try pranayama and yoga u can get possibly good results.
  • See your OB/Gynecologist – She is the one who is specialized in women health issues. At least once in a year after 40 one should go for yearly checkup and pelvic and breast examinations to prevent themselves from dreaded diseases.
  • Screen yourself – Once in a year after 30 or before too if anyone have any symptoms which is hampering your health and work performance should go for blood screening where blood parameters can be checked and health issues can be prevented timely in a complete holistic way.
  • Avoid them – Now a days due to corporate work pattern lifestyle, eating habits has been changed where women can be seen along with men at less age say below 30 too are facing health challenges in symptomatic ways like trouble in decision making, lack of focus and concentration, excess weight gain due to long sitting hours, which can lead to metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity, intake of fatty and processed foods are disturbing their hormones and sleep pattern, fatty liver issues, consumption of alcohol and smoking are creating devasted impact on their health like lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, heart issues and stroke. Etc. So to have a healthy and long lifespan try to make small changes in your daily routine as these all have not started today slowly; we get adapted to fast moving life with all above negative surroundings which needs to be taken care of on priority to keep ur mental health at good pace.
  • Mental health - Lastly need to talk on mental health as it is very important to discuss on – Women on daily basis go through lots of ups and down in their life changing from a little girl to a teenage, adult and a women surrounded with different other relations to count on. So start prioritizing by practicing self-compassion by treating urself with love, kindness and understanding yourself when making mistakes or facing any challenges. Self compassions also helps u to lower down ur stress, motivates u to learn something new for ur overall growth. Practise self positive affirmations once in a day u can see noticeable changes within u.
  • Pursue passion – every individual has some passion within. Try to find it when u feel low that will help u feel alive, excited and happy towards life.
  • Nurture relationships – As we know in this fast-moving life everyone needs their own space and time. But relationship is the outmost important thing which supports you on every thick and thins. They can help u manage your stress, can improve your health, spending quality time with loved ones can help to resolve if any conflict in between by expressing gratitude.

The Power of Mom Friends in Women’s health

Now, when we talk about women health, our mom’s friends play an important role in nurturing women health where they are the one’s who have gone through similar health/personal issues. They can provide valuable information and also can guide you in any of the situation. They also share their own experiences, recommend healthcare professionals with whom you can consult, suggest lifestyle changes as the old ones are the proven solutions, and provide tips for self-care, all of which can contribute to better overall health for women. Mom friends also provide emotional support to women during their challenging times of pregnancy, postpartum phase, menopause etc. they offer a better understanding and empathy and safe space to share your concerns. They also provide social support, opportunities for socializing, and the sense of belonging that can positively impact women's mental and emotional health for overall development. Mom friends at times are very good advisors for women's health by raising awareness about specific health issues, also encourages for regular health check-ups, promoting healthy habits, and empowering women to prioritize their own well-being.

Overall, Mom friends can play a crucial role in nurturing women's health by providing emotional support, sharing information and resources, serving as role models, advocating for health, and creating a sense of community. Their presence and involvement can significantly contribute to the overall well-being of women.

And similarly Momly is a huge platform where you get connected with women worldwide, also here you meet new friends, they provide a social gathering too. Sometimes there are few of the issues you can’t discuss with your known ones so here you can discuss without a stress. It is a recognized platform where you can get professional help too with a qualified healthcare team. Join the community and socialize and empower each other.


Concluding with the quote for all the beautiful women reading this out –

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. Its about changing the way the world perceives that strength”.

By G.D. Anderson

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