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Wholesome Health mixes for kids

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

Are your little ones fussy about eating? Are you looking for ways to make foods for your children healthy and tasty? Instant health mixes come to your rescue. They are enriched with conscious choice of healthy ingredients and rank high in nutritional value.
Here’s a shoutout to top choices from Momly

Slurrp farm - If you want wholesome, nutritious and fulfilling food for your children, then Slurrp Farm is your pick. It is a brand that promises holistic nutrition for children. They have a range of products right from baby cereals, millet dosa mixes to healthy cookies. With no additives and preservatives, Slurrp Farm sources ingredients locally to make health mixes that nourishes children’s health. Healthy and tasty food options like toddler cereals, moong dal khichdi porridge mix, sprouted ragi powder, satthu maavu mix, mixed fruit rice crispies, ragi trail mix powders, Slurrp farm is number one choice for babies to toddlers.


Happa organic food – There are plenty of refreshing options in Happa. Infused with healthy blend of ingredients, the instant mixes are organic and safe for infants and older children. There are fruit and vegetable purees, ragi dates and other healthy porridge mixes, organic snacks, multivitamin chewable gummies, immunity boosting gummies to increase immunity in children. These healthy mixes are travel friendly and easy to cook.


Gerber foods and cereals – Gerber comes from a respected household. Nestle brand, with its solid experience in nutrition, ensure strength and immunity through its foods for children. From early years foods to healthy nutritional offerings for older children, Gerber has it all. Gerber offers curated cereals of multigrain, fruits and nuts and wholesome blend of wholegrain oats, legume and milk.

My Little Moppet – From handed down recipes as precious heirlooms to unique tried and tested meal plans with flavourful food charts for babies, My Little Moppet is a passion project of a doctor mom. It has cereal mix and multigrain mix to add it to smoothies, healthy ragi buttermilk for young children, ragi upma, travel foods and immunity boosting diner and lunch recipes. Check resources on child nutrition to be more informed on meal choices for your children.

Wicked Gud – Ever added health to your Pasta? Unjunk the junk by exotic health-based nutrition-rich pastas and noodles. Try adding colour to your child’s routine foods by Wicked Gud nourishing maida free instant noodles and gluten free wheat pasta. These amazing spread of noodles and pastas are powered by fiber and protein and is easily digestible and provides more energy.


Tots & Moms – Health mixes are not only for children. Hey moms, fill your cup first before you fill your child’s for, maternal health matters. Shop for wide range of instant drink mixes, cereals and porridges, nutrient boosters and healthy snacks and stack up energy reserves to spend it on your little ones. With healthy food choice options in Tots and Moms for children like instant oats kichdi, organic choco and dates drink mix, nutrient boosters like dry fruits powder and nuts & seeds powder, it is quite easy to latch your children to healthy foods.

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