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Traveling with Toddlers

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

While the idea of travelling with your toddler for the first time might seem extremely exciting, however, if not well equipped for your journey, your experience might soon transform into a nightmare.

As parents, we strive hard to make trips with our kids a joyous and an adventurous one. Till the end, our minds are buzzing with one thing or another. No matter whatsoever lists you make, there is always something that we miss including.

But not you worry! Continue reading this blog, and dance away all your travel apprehensions.

Don’t be an Uncle Scrooge: First thing first- always make sure that whatever mode of travel you are taking, be it flight or train, the timings should majorly align with your child’s routine. To take a cheap flight at 2:00 am, disrupting your child’s sleep, making him cranky, will only make your one crucial day of travel be a total waste. Always make sure that you child is well satiated with his sleep as well as hunger before boarding any flight.


The biggest challenge- poop: One’s bowel movements tend to disrupt as the place, weather and water changes. Your little ones experience such changes too, and hence their motions become a major concern when you are travelling. Always carry probiotics, yakult, or any other medication that will help your child to excrete easily. Try giving yogurt at least once a day as that is the best probiotic food you easily get anywhere.

Don the role of a doctor: Carrying all your medicines for your child is a must. Strongly recommend you to carry any medicine that has anti-allergic properties. At times, due to weather and water changes, children tend to catch cold, which might fret us and ruin the entire trip. Usually, one or two dozes of any anti-allergic medicine does the work. However, please consult your child’s pediatrician for the right medicines that suits him or her.


Yum Snacks, happy Jill and Jack: Do not even think to travel without your child’s favorite snacks. Flights can be a bit tiresome and boring, and the best way to kill the monotony is to let your kids munch a few snacks now and then. It keeps them engaged and happy, too. But, be careful that the snacks that you carry are dry and not in liquid or semi-liquid in order to avoid any sort of mess.

Wipes and Tissues: Mommy’s best friends: This brings to another important point of wet wipes and tissues. Make sure you keep them handy as they are one of the most crucial things while you travel.


Make them busy bees: One of the biggest challenges, especially in flights, is how to engage the kids in some way or the other. If you have a long flight, too much screen time must be avoided. You must carry some favorite puzzles of your child that could keep her or him engaged. I would recommend the game of thread and beads as that is a very simple and fairly easily activity, and actually makes them busy bees. Other options are: their favorite toy, sticker books and coloring books.

These are the most important thing that parents certainly need when they are travelling with their kids. But, the most important thing is to carry your big grins and smiles along. As I said previously, no matter what lists you make, there will always be something missing for the things you need with toddlers are endless. So, in case, you miss carrying anything, instead of blaming your husband or wife, carry on with your wonderful journey for you are there to make a happy travelling experience and not a perfect one. And, the secret to the happiest trip is a lot of laughter, crazy pictures and endless fun. Wishing you a great trip from the Momly family!

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