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Happy Father's Day

Superheroes without capes: The Guiding light of children

5 minute read, Written By: Momly

Conventionally, fathers have always been a strict disciplinarian figure to children. They showed a roadmap to their children on how to live, dress, talk and act. The relationship dynamics were not free-flowing but were little restrained and constricted because of the respect, honour and fear that the title of father

carried. As against to the equation or bond that today’s father-children duo shares, the older generation children treated their fathers as teachers of erudite appeal from whom they absorbed the knowledge and philosophy of life. As opposed, mothers were children’s confidante and supportive authority who balanced the power dynamics between father and children, carefully treading on eggshells by gauging subtle expressions and measured responses of fathers to children’s demands and negotiating for a win-win between the two.


Come 2023, the relationship between fathers and children have undergone a 360-degree transformation - a complete makeover that challenges the stereotypical fathers and their seemingly grim gravitas. It doesn’t mean that now children are not viewing the father position with respectful eye, instead, the layers that fathers of today’s generation have peeled off from their solemn form have paved way to forge a bond that is a synergy of love, respect and freedom. Take Atticus of one of the revered classics ‘To Kill the mockingbird’ who engaged with his children and blended the proportion of authority with comradeship to a right measure. He was strict, gentle, friendly and guided Jem and Scott by modeling courage, humanity and beholding ethics and values. Today’s fathers are nothing short of this classic figure when it comes to engaging with their children. Straddling between two worlds of work and children, they are making time and themselves available to spend quality time with their children.

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate our superheroes without capes – the other half of parenting fraternity. Here are some of the ideas to plan on a Father’s Day to strengthen the bond between fathers and children.

  • Plan a DIY activity – Encourage your children to plan a fun engagement activity time with their father. Assist them in the project be it craft exercise or painting etc. Help them with required items and create a cosy spot to implement the activity.
  • Nature walk – Nature walks or relaxing outdoor adventure trails are amazing – A perfect bonding time. On Father’s Day, plan a full day outdoor trip with your children and their fathers. You can visit a nearby playground or park. Pack up a basket with board games, books and cards to enjoy a quality time together.
  • A fun Movie night – Everyone has their own favourite movies based on genres, language preferences and other choices. Get around knowing your husbands’ favourite movies and play them on a movie night. Sit and enjoy the movie together with tasty snacks.
  • Handmade cards – Help your children make a Father’s Day card for their fathers. Ask them to write their favorite moments with their fathers. Provide them with art supplies like crayons, markers, colour pens and pencils etc. Even a simple card made with love is enough to spread joy, isn’t it? You can also add few precious photographs of your children with their fathers and make a collage to make it even more special and memorable.
  • Song/Skit time – Tell your children to recite a poem, sing a song or perform a small skit on their favourite show in front of their fathers. Help your children in the process of learning and practicing. This is the best way to bring smiles on their fathers’ faces.

Bonus idea for fathers – Make it a YES Day

Fathers, make this special day a YES Day for your kids. Break some rules and let your children follow their hearts. Instead of saying no, listen to their wants even if their unrealistic, make it fun by exercising small part of it. This would create a sense of contentment in your children’s hearts.

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