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These Diaper Rash creams are your best choices

Say bye bye to diaper rashes

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

Diapers are part of your babies’ everyday routine. It is good baby hygiene to wrap your babies with diapers and cloth nappies. But you need to be very cautious as diaper rashes cause irritation and discomfort for babies. They are caused due to infrequent changing of diapers, keeping baby’s genitals wet for longer period of time, using soaps and other body washes in their genitals, or if the nappy is clutched too tightly.
Every mother has the concern of how to prevent rashes on the genitalia of her children. Even the highest quality diapers can irritate and cause rashes in a baby's genital area. Do not worry; we have answers to your concerns about nappy rash. The options listed below are the finest ones for your children. These will protect your baby's skin from rashes and infections while enhancing the skin health in babies.


Sudocrem - They say “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Sudocrem Diaper rash cream is the differs to that proverbial statement. Probably, the only cream that is master in all trades. It works as a antiseptic healing cream for Diaper rash, surface wounds, burns and other skin injuries like sun burn and bed sores. “I swore by this brand. Not once did my child get nappy rash”, says Ambalika, Momly mom. Mekha, Momly mom, advises, “please get this diaper cream from abroad as you find lot of duplicates/fake creams with the same name”

SebamedSebamed is the household brand for baby hygiene and is one of the brands recommended by doctors across the globe. It is made with wheat bran formula and provides relief to babies by negating the chances of them suffering from rashes. Also, the property of ingredient panthenol restores the skin health of babies and makes it soft and smooth.



Himalaya – Himalaya is free of parabens and other chemicals which are responsible for allergies and rashes in babies. Himalaya baby care is synonymous to baby hygiene and promotes effective healing from diaper rashes. “I used Himalaya and had no complaints”, says Shama, Momly mom

Destin – Go for Destin rapid relief cream as it protects babies from diaper rashes by shielding their genitals with a protective barrier. In no time, the discomfort and irritation are completely gone. It is clinically proven to be the wise choice for baby diaper rashes. “Nothing can beat Destin. Both my children used it and never experienced a single rash”, says Jagriti, Momly mom


The Moms Co.The Moms Co. brand makes products that are completely safe for moms and babies. The maternal and childcare brand, as it calls itself, uses zinc oxide and natural oils and butters to treat the babies infected skin. It moisturises and keeps the newborns' skin smooth and moist thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. Mekha adds, “If not Sudocrem, my next best choice is The Moms Co. Very similar in texture and formula”. Even Anagha, Momly mom, seconds, “I have used The Moms Co and it has been very effective”


Momly hacks for diaper rashes – Coconut oil can never go wrong. It is probably the mainstay of skin and hair care regime. So does our mom community feels. Coconut oil works best for diaper rashes. It doesn’t cause any infections and is completely reliable and safe for babies.

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