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Resuming Work After Delivery?

8 minute read, Written By: Momly

Are you looking to re-join workforce? Does the thought of climbing the corporate ladder exhilarate you? Or are you feeling lot of internal pressure that unsettles you? Worry not, as we have some interesting tips which would make your life easier and handhold you throughout your return-ship journey.

Pandemic has already laid the world low especially for mommies who delivered their babies in the peak of covid. If following covid safety protocols during pregnancy, getting litany of tests done and cautiously navigating through all trimesters were hard, talk about joining workforce post childbirth. Joining workforce post-delivery was never easy and is regarded as uphill climb by many moms, but with pandemic, it has become even more difficult. Mommies face myriad emotions like fear, confusion, joy and despair. For starters, there is a postpartum fatigue and anxiety which stays at least for six weeks post child birth and for some, longer than that. Other than that, there are umpteen factors like your new born baby’s never-ending demands, lack of support system, societal pressure, feelings of maternal guilt etc that weigh you down, crushing you under the weight of their imposing frame.

Do not worry dear mommies. We have some go-to hacks which will help you in the transition of becoming a new mom and going back to your work.


Communicate with your family: First and fore-most step is communicating to your family about your resuming work plans. Talk to your spouse who is the primary caregiver to your child. Just like a boat need both the oars to row, a spouse’s support is dire necessary to sail smooth. Also, include the other key members in your family in the discussion as they are also the ones who will hold fort when you are not available to take care of your child. Communication is the key in order to deal with confusion and uncertainty. When plagued by unsettling thoughts, do not just fall in the trap of handling it all alone but speak to your family. Have a round of discussion with every member in your house so that they are aware about your work schedule, your baby’s feeding slots, your time of availability during the day etc.

Speak to your co-workers: Though your work is not new and you are well-versed with your role and its demands, the situation post-delivery is slightly tricky. Before baby, your life would have been a hectic blur of deadlines, meetings and long interactions with your co-workers etc, but given now that there has been a gap of few months, you need to staggeringly put forth your foot. Meaning, take it slow, pause and take a break. Speak to your co-workers and boss about it and help them understand your situation. If your role is very stressful or pressure inducing, then try speaking to your boss and modify your responsibilities. Do not push yourself as due to pregnancy and hormonal changes in your body, you need time to recover and bounce back so gradually scaling up is lot better than diving headlong.

Nurture your Breast-feeding routine: If you want to continue breastfeeding or nursing your baby, then set a neat and safe pumping routine. Talk to your manager about how you want to go about it. Look for a private room and work out the logistics around breastfeeding essentials like nursing room, storing mechanisms and breast pump.

Keep a watch on your post-natal nutrition: Mommies, we understand that this period is very stressful and overwhelming, and can be awfully affect your health. Make sure that are following a well-balanced and sustainable postnatal nutrition plan. A disciplined schedule of postnatal diet replenishes the energy builders like iron, calcium, proteins and carbohydrates which is very important in aiding fast recovery and healing. See to it that you are having a liberal dose of all food groups and a steady intake of fruits and vegetables. You can keep healthy herb mix, nutrition booster snacks and postpartum supplements at your workplace so that you don’t forget on your nutrition intake. As your postpartum body requires lactation booster foods to regulate hormones and boost milk supply, monitor your diet and make right food choices.


Speak to a postpartum specialist: Studies have demonstrated that some women take time to come out of postpartum depression and find it difficult to manage symptoms of postpartum anxiety. If you are facing severe symptoms, do not neglect them instead talk to a professional therapist or postpartum expert. Resuming work without finding solution for your postpartum anxiety or postnatal depression will make matters worse. Many moms find it difficult to articulate their complex emotions to their family. It is better to have a chat with an expert who offers a safe forum to let out your feelings. They will help you with different coping mechanisms and stress management for PPD (postpartum depression). Positive mental health is important for you to be able to work and delivery efficiently.

Enrol in a corporate wellness program: Some companies are taking initiatives and proactive measures for new moms such as pregnancy wellness program or holistic wellness program for corporates. The modules in the program are designed in such a way that you will find it easy to navigate in your workplace without any hesitation or worry. The courses in the module will give you an insight towards motherhood journey in totality like breastfeeding techniques, infant massaging stroke techniques, baby cues and behaviour program, personalised diet plan for mothers, postnatal yoga and weight management program and postpartum recovery management. In addition to all of these, you will find a module where you will understand what to expect when joining work after delivery. Enrol in such a motherhood wellness program which will make you positive and hopeful. If not a program, join in an empathetic group-based platforms where you can give and receive empathy and support other’s well-being while in the process of joining a workplace.

Have a back-up plan ready: While it is important to plan childcare arrangements in advance for a smoother transition in joining workforce, let’s also consider the fact that not all days are going to be sunny days; there will be storm hovering around throwing murphy’s law in your horizon. Be prepared for such days and have a plan B ready. There may be days when your helper back home is unavailable or your baby is not co-operating enough. Run such kind of scenarios before going back to work so that you will have a contingency plan handy if something goes awry.

Do not overdo: Last but not the least, you are not alone in this path. You have familial unit, your peers and your doctor whom you can approach whenever you find obstacle. Do not hesitate in asking for help. When planning to resume, it is best to take time to ease into your role. Do not overdo but know your threshold. Transitioning process is difficult and it is perfectly normal to be waylaid by distressing thoughts and anxiety. To allay your fears, have a set of routine and take one day at a time.

Have your own ‘me time’. We all know it is plain impossible to slot a me time amidst work and childcare responsibilities but having a few minutes of uninterrupted me-time has proven beneficial to have a positive mental health for moms. You can strike up a light-hearted chat with a friend or listen to an upbeat playlist, or read one page of a book or just go for a solitary walk. At the outset, having a me-time will leave you happier and healthier which becomes an added benefit for your baby and everyone around you.

Most importantly, you can always reach out to your working-mom-friends on Momly!

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