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Make your nursing time enjoyable with these comfortable nursing pillows Momly

Nursing/ Feeding Pillows

3 minute read, Written By: Momly

Feeding pillows are also knows as breast feeding pillows. A feeding pillow is very important in your nursing care journey. It is one of the maternal care basics and significant part of postpartum/baby essentials. A comfortable pillow will support your baby’s body and helps you in maintaining a good posture along with reducing pressure on your body during nursing. While choosing a feeding pillow, you need to factor in all the points such as texture of the pillow, whether it is pliant enough to contour to the shape your baby could fit into so that it is at a right height and angle from your breasts etc. Some feeding pillows have additional frills to offer like place to hold items like bottles, burp clothes and baby related items.


All set, ready to roll. Why wait, check below:

Elementary 100% Cotton Portable Nursing and Feeding Pillow – Strengthen your bond with your baby during breastfeeding by using Elementary cotton nursing pillow. Use any breastfeeding or latching techniques with this pillow as it is compatible with all the methods be it side-lying, football hold or cradle and laid-back position. Also, it can be used for multiple activities like tummy time, bottle feeding, or propping. You don’t have to worry about long hours of feeding as this nursing pillow aims to give mothers best nursing time by providing support to their body, alleviating tension around the neck and shoulder area without compromising on your posture. “ I have been using this pillow and it can be used for tummy time as well”, says Sakshi Thakur, Momly mom


Momsyard Cotton 5 in 1 Magic Breast Feeding Pillow with Detachable cover – Perfect cotton pillow with customizable fitting is what Momsyard pillow is all about. Say bye to your worries involved in latching, back posture and your baby rolling out in the middle of nursing. With its Deluxe strap feature, you can lock and release the buckle as and when you want which allows you to access your maternity supplies with ease. “ I am using it for the past 2 years and totally vouch for this nursing pillow”, claims Khushboo Amar, Momly mom


Gadgets Appliances Mothers Breastfeeding Pillow – Multifunctional pillow are blessing and solves the troubles and struggles involved in breastfeeding. You can secure your baby comfortably to your body with its ergonomic angle without lunging forward or straining your back. Gadgets Appliances baby feeding pillow has a wrap-around U-shaped design for maintaining position during latching time. It gives a snug fit for your baby and feels much like a mother’s embrace. Comes with a soft and easily washable fabric. “I used it for my newborn and found it very comfortable for my baby as well as myself”, says Daksha Gowda, Momly mom.

So, what are you waiting for? Go by the Momly moms’ choices and invest in a feeding pillow to make your breastfeeding time relaxing and enjoyable for both you and your baby.

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