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Top things to buy for your kids on the occasion of Holi


4 minute read, Written By: Momly

Hey our wonderful Mommas, it is time to throw in some colours and paint the town red. Holi, the festival of colours, is around the corner and we can’t keep calm. So, what are you planning to buy for your kids this time? Have you thought of gift boxes that they will enjoy or are you still contemplating, waiting to zero in on one?

We have not one but a handful of choices for you to add to your cart.

Enjoy Holi with these must-buy fun Holi gifts for your kids and make their life colourful.


Organic Holi colours – It is fun to immerse yourself in water and beautiful colours during Holi. At the same time, you need to be very cautious and play safe. Organic colours such as herbal gulal are chemical-free, safe and natural to use and play with. The colours are skin friendly and easily removable. You can also make natural homemade Holi colours and put them into a box to gift your loved ones. As the colour base is made up of corn flour, besan, maida and other stuff available in any Indian household kitchen, you don’t have to think twice about exploring and getting your hands on the organic colours.

Sweets and savouries – In Indian customs, sweets and delicacies are regarded with huge respect and are touted as symbols of good luck and prosperity. These are some of the Holi treats that you cannot say no to. A pretty assortment of sweets and savouries like shakarpara, besan laddoo, gujiya, malpua and matar kachori is enjoyed with utmost pleasure and delight by everyone.


Pichkaris – Pichkaris, the top-most Holi essential can never go out of style. If anything, they just get rolled out in brightly-coloured forms and designs. Get your kids gun pichkaris this season and let them play the cop-thief game and drench the neighbourhood with coloured water.

Clothes – Summery dresses in bright prints or kaftan-styled outfits are the right choices for your wardrobe during Holi. For kids, settle on some soft and pretty cotton wears.


Board Games – March is the month of Holi but it is also the month when kids bury their heads in textbooks and study notes because of their final exams. Board games are the best way to welcome vacations and spend time indoors. Scorching summers do not make it easy to play outside so having something to play and get creative with is much needed for kids. NCERT too acknowledges the fact that traditional indigenous games teach valuable skills combining mental and physical well-being. You can go for creative board games or educational toy kits to improve your kids’ cognitive and reasoning skills and make their summers joyful and productive.


Swimming accessories – Summers are not just about indoor games but also having a fun pool time. With the pandemic seemingly taking a backseat, many swimming pools have thrown open their doors to welcome kids and adults. What could be better than investing in a pair of swimming suits and pool accessories? If your kid is planning to learn to swim, buy some swim wears in fun, quirky prints that could motivate her to take up swimming lessons.

Wish you a happy, safe and colourful Holi. Join Momly and add colour to your parenting and mom-hood life.

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