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A complete guide to the best high chairs for your babies comfort

High Chair Recommendations

3 minute read, Written By: Momly

Hello mommies, are you looking for comfortable high chairs for your babies which will keep them in a firm posture during their meal times? Momly discussed with its community of moms and here are the complete details on few best high chairs that we recommend to give you babies complete comfort. High chairs are one of the items in your baby care essential checklist that you should consider investing on as soon as your baby starts sitting on their own.

Why do you need High chairs for babies?

  • To keep them safe when they sit for meals
  • To secure them with harness to avoid falls
  • To help them with firm posture and back stability

Our High Chair choices:


Chicco polly 2 in 1 highchair – For newborn babies, nothing comes close as this brand. 2 in 1 highchair and day-time recliner, Chicco polly is one of the sought-after brands in high chairs for newborn babies. It makes the meal time fun and encourages good dining habits in babies. Comfort is in every vein of this high chair with features such as 8-position height adjustment, 4 position backrest, 3 position leg rest, and padded wide seat. For new moms, go for this brand and make right purchase choices for your babies.


Joie – Joie high chairs are light weight, can be easily folded and stored. The seat can be removed without any difficulty and that makes it easy for parents to clean it. The 3-position recliner backrest formula makes it easy for babies to fit and adjust according to their convenience. It’s a meal time must have for babies. Chasmeet, Momly mom, highly recommends this high chair as it comes with simple and no frill features.


R for rabbit cherry berry grand baby – When it comes to babies, safety comes above everything else. This high chair brand with its 5-point safety harness quality goes in line with baby safety. Its non-slippery and anti-tipping feature keeps its legs firm and stable and wobble free. High chairs should keep the babies’ back angle straight so that they don’t droop and become uncomfortable. This brand promises comfortable angle for babies. Go for this brand to inculcate good dining habits and tantrum free meal times. The added features of this high chair are convertible to booster seat format, removable tray, arc design provision and washable fabric. Momly mom, Nandini Bhagwani, strongly feels about this high chair and suggests one of the great brands to invest in.

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