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These hair care solutions are a must-try

Hair care essentials for babies

3 minute read, Written By: Momly

What are Baby care Essentials?

Baby care essentials are the baby care products that are needed to maintain baby care hygiene. Hair care products, skin care products and body care essentials like face cream, diaper rash cream and body oils are part of baby care essentials. Maintaining a healthy baby care hygiene routine is essential to boost babies’ skin and hair health. Hair care creams and hair oil for babies should be paraben free and replete with natural ingredients. Healthy hair care products will nourish baby’s hair and help in growth while unsafe hair care products are harmful to babies, intervene with the natural hair growth process and make the hair bone-dry. We have so many varied baby care brands flocking into the market today and it is difficult to make an informed choice as everyone claims their products are safe from chemicals. Momly moms’ choices are worth the trust as these moms have a first-hand experience with these products.


Here are our Best 3 Baby hair care choices:

Juicy Chemistry hair careJuicy Chemistry is not to be mistaken as a brand only for the luxury segment. Since its inception, the brand has maintained the natural extract formulation in all its products. This baby scalp oil and body massage oil is 2 in 1 nutrient-rich baby care product, perfectly suitable for newborn babies and babies with sensitive skin. Completely organic by nature with ingredients like almond, calendula and vitamin E. Ishita, Momly mom, endorses this brand and asks other moms to go for it. In her words, “I have been using Juicy chemistry hair care products and I found them very good. After trying so many brands, it is a relief to invest in an authentic brand”

Mothercare – Natural hair shampoo for babies should have a built-in conditioner that leaves your baby’s hair soft and smooth. Mothercare nurtures your baby’s hair like a mother and is suitable for babies from their infant stage. Natural extracts like chamomile and olive oil prove and the no-tear formulation makes this brand a household name for baby care essentials. “I have been using Mothercare for my baby for 8 years and I did not experience any issues. The products are completely safe for babies.”, says Pankhuri, Momly mom.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft - What would leave my baby’s hair super soft and tangle free? If you are pondering in your head, this is your pick as its gentle formula is developed specifically for baby’s hair and skin. The fragrance of this baby care shampoo and conditioner is mild. Say bye-bye to frizz and tangles, and welcome super soft and shiny hair. Shreya, the Momly mom, has been using this for her babies and ranks it as one of the best brands for hair care in the baby’s segment. She alternates between this and Aveeno brand, which is yet another gentle and safe hair care brand.

Note: Read the labels before testing any product on your babies. Speak to your doctor and try to understand the formulation of the products vis-à-vis the nature of your baby’s skin and hair. A patch test must for skin care products before applying them to your baby’s skin.

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