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diaper bags for children

Diaper Bags: A must-have maternity essential

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

After giving birth, you have a boatload of infant care necessities to bring with you when you go on an outing with your baby. You need a shoulder bag that is both cosy and practical, has enough room for your baby’s essential stuff and isn’t too pricey to burn a hole through your wallet.
A diaper bag is a bag used to load baby care items such as diapers, diaper rash creams, wipes, infant food, breastfeeding bottles, etc. Diaper bags come in a variety of sizes, some are spacious and some are pretty small. You should look for a diaper bag based on how much stuff you want to fit within it. You can go for a larger bag with multiple sections if you have a lot of baby supplies to carry. Compartments simplify your life by allowing you to divide items into compartments and arrange them neatly for quick access. Moreover, consider the material and longevity of the diaper bags. Choose something simple to clean because stains are a common occurrence. If you are a person more into aesthetics and style, you can buy diaper bags that come with extra increased features that can pass for totes in future.

Babyhug – If you want to invest in a diaper bag that feels like it has convenience, safety and quality, you have come to the right place. Babyhug company provides all when it comes to providing dependable baby equipment and accessories that cater to moms' postpartum requirements. Three bottle holders, sturdy shoulder straps, and pouch compartments – these provide a snug fit for baby care items and are the standout features.

Baby Jalebi – Baby Jalebi brand, although a little over the top in price part, is the brand which many moms in our community vouch for. Woven in quilted leather which is purely vegan and cruelty-free comes with additional cushioning and an extra shoulder carrying strap. Not only that but pair the diaper bag with a lovely all-purpose premium pouch and wear it with chic-looking stylish postpartum maternity apparel. “Baby Jalebi are roomy and looks smart to hold”, says Pankhuri Agarwal, Momly mom. Anisha, another Momly mom adds, “They have lovely prints as well, suiting to the tastes of new moms”


Motherly – Motherly Smile in style waterproof multi-storage baby diaper bag offers 13 pockets for managing your baby’s needs. The compartments are roomy enough to fit baby clothing, diapers and other baby care items. The front section contains milk bottle pockets with tin foil insulation. Just like baby-wearing carrier’s straps are designed with comfort in mind, the straps of these diaper bags are cushioned and completely irritation-free. Perfect diaper bag for travels. And in respect to price, they are considerably less expensive. “Motherly is amazing and cheaper”, confirms Akanksha Thapliyal, Momly mom


Chicco - Chicco diaper bags have a posh appearance in addition to being stylish. The plain blue diaper bag from Chicco has two front pockets, a pacifier holder, an insulted bottle cover, and various storage pockets and stroller hooks. Changing mat, an additional feature in their list of products, is a bargain.


Skiphop – You need a travel friendly bag which is light weight and comfortable to lug in all the essentials of your babies. Skiphop knows the pulse of new moms and has designed a diaper bag which is incredibly spacious and durable. Dedicated compartments make sure that your baby items are in right places. You can rests all your worries at baby with Skiphop diaper bags as they come with a feature – it latches to the strollers pretty easily. Ayushi, Momly mom, says, “Skiphop any day. It is my go-to brand.”

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