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Dental Hygiene

3 minute read, Written By: Momly

Dental essentials for kids:

Toothpaste is one of the most important dental care essentials for kids. We all tend to get confused about which brand to choose from out of the plethora of options available in the market. Also, one more fear that adds to our dental woes is fluoride or anti-fluoride toothpaste. We are constantly torn between them especially when dental hygiene for kids is in a discussion. So, to soothe your bubbling nerves, we at Momly have put in a list of recommendations after consulting with our in-house pediatric dentist.

What our community recommends:


Mamaearth natural toothpaste

Mamaearth natural toothpaste is fluoride-free with no artificial flavors. Kids above one year and below five years can start using this berry blast toothpaste which has a sweet fruity flavor. You don’t have to worry if your kid has swallowed this toothpaste by mistake as the contents in the toothpaste are free of any harm and completely safe. Being natural with no chemicals, it promotes healthy teeth and gums and cleanses teeth perfectly after eating any sticky foods or sweets. “I tried all but found Mamaearth the best choice when my kid was young” – says, Ishita, Momly mom


Chicco toothpaste

Another household brand of kids’ dental routine that even Momly house has the best experience to share is Chicco. Extremely safe with kids above 12 months of age. It is fluoride-free and has a cavity protection formula. Fluoride-free efficiency in it prevents dental fluorosis, guards the teeth against cavities, and does not scratch the enamel. Dr. Mansi and Richa, Momly moms also claim Chicco to be the best dental choice.


Pigeon toothpaste

Most hospitals and nursing care recommend Pigeon toothpaste as their go-to brand when it comes to dental needs. Also being fluoride and paraben free, it is best for kids and has effective cleaning of teeth. Its ph is similar to saliva ph and is considered the best choice in baby care products. “I use Pigeon toothpaste for my kid and found it to be great and kid-friendly – says, Neha, Momly’s founder.

Note from the Momly team for kids:

  • Apply a pea size amount of any toothpaste
  • Always brush under adult supervision
  • Drink a lot of water after eating sticky foods and sweets
  • Brush all sections of your teeth
  • Count or listen to your favorite tune while brushing your teeth
  • Change your toothbrush every two months or if the bristles are frayed
  • Go for a dental visit every six months to remain cavity-free for life

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