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World Book Day

Books to read in Summers – Holiday special

6 minute read, Written By: Momly

Summer has drawn closer. The schools have shut down for the holidays. Children are excited to spend their holidays away from classes, school homework, and other structured activities at school. These are the days to spend on pleasure-giving activities like reading books, drawing, swimming, cycling and enjoying banter with friends.
Hey children, Momly Edit has something special for you to keep your curious minds engaged and invested. Yes, we got you fun books to read in your holidays. These 5 books will send a thrill down your spine, hook you in its fantasy and take you on a ride to an imaginary world.


Sudha Murthy’s Grandma’s Bag of Stories – Age 6 +

Enter the world of this book's kings and princesses, animals, secret treasures, and a host of other fascinating and entertaining characters. Delightful package is what you need to gift to your children and you cannot go wrong with Sudha Murthy’s warmth-inducing story books. The India’s renowned novelist and philanthropist Sudha Murthy seamlessly switches between writing for youngsters and adults. The assortment of short tales in this book is narrated by Ajji, the protagonist in the story who welcomes her grandchildren to her house in Shiggaon. The book covers range of themes from relationships, honesty, family values and friendship. The language is simple just like other books of Sudha Murthy. The freewheeling text and colourful illustrations will engage and inspire the young readers and keep them wanting to know more.

Ruskin Bond’s The Blue Umbrella – Age 6+

Who can forget Ruskin Bond when talking about children’s books? Children’s literature and Ruskin Bond go hand in hand. The famous author, the master storyteller who has written more than 100 stories for children writes stories with his heart. His stories are mostly based on the Himalayas and the surrounding places. His epic novella The Blue Umbrella talks about the story of a young girl Binya and this titular umbrella. The book has an interesting setting replete with descriptions of the mountains, the village and the people dwelling in it. Bond’s simple text and world-class imagination are a major win among readers of all ages.



Meera Ganapathi’s Paati vs Uncle – Age 8+

Paati vs uncle, by Meera Ganapathi, is just what you need to invite laughs and guffaws in your tedium-induced life. ‘The girl who cannot stop laughing’ and ‘Uma vs upma’ fame author has given us some motley crew who you could totally relate to. Paati, who is an extension of her own Paati as Meera claims, is one oomph-charged-adrenaline- pumped-up character in the book who certainly doesn’t wish to live her life unadventurously in her senior citizen colony bubble. When Inju aka Injeshwaran (believe me this name has got its own share of story Meera laughingly says in her podcast) wishes to spend his vacation reeling over petty squabbles and heated arguments of his parents and their getaway trip to reconcile their conflicts, his paati and her house flashes in his mind. But then, what he expects least is an idyllic non-adventurous boring vacation turning into a whodunit mystery.

The Egghead Detective Agency by Pika Nani – Age 7+

Are you ready to get drenched in the unique cases of Egghead Detective Agency? This read is a must-have on your shelf. If you are planning to establish a liking in your kid’s mind toward Sherlock Holmes, then let this be the starter through which you get to that path. Each case has seven to eight chapters and every chapter is a page-turner. If it is a swimming pool gone pink, there are raining cupcakes, and if you think the fun stays put there, you will be thrilled to find the runaway chicken making an appearance. And who will be cracking the cases? The fun starts here. Two sisters, who proudly call themselves investigators, and a ghost (spoilers alert), who was a far-famed detective in his hay days, get going on their secret mission to keep their Emerald gardens society safe and guarded. Well, your kids can also help the little detectives crack the cases. How? With solve-it-yourself puzzles, picture riddles, and interesting secret codes, of course.


Natasha Sharma’s History Mystery Series – Age 6+

If you child is interested in history and the long-lost civilizations, Natasha’s books would offer truckloads of historical wisdom. Her History Mystery is a series of books that explores historical events. All the books in the series are fun and riveting, and throws open the doors to young minds to be more inquisitive toward history. There are 7 books in the series and each book has set of young detectives who are assigned a task to unravel a historical secret mystery. Beautiful illustrations play along throughout the book and bring the story alive. Read with your child these books or you can quiz them after reading. These books are well-written and can serve a starter for parents who want to encourage their children to learn history, and the various past events that lay as bygones, but still give out secret tremors in the present.


Make your children’s summer vacations interesting by buying these books for them. What are you reading to your children on this World Book Day? What books are you planning to buy for them for their holidays? Tell us in the comments.

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