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Planning to go hand-free while carrying babies?

Baby wearing essentials for parents

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

Baby carriers are baby care accessories to help parents carry their babies or toddlers. If you are armed with a baby carrier, you don’t have to carry your baby with your hands. Yes, you heard it right. You can have hands-free moments while your baby is latched to your body. There are different types of baby carriers like front carriers, sling carriers, carriers with hood/no-hood etc and you get all these in catchy, fun prints to resonate with babies.

Why baby carriers?

Helps improve the bond between you and your baby. Skin-to-skin contact is necessary to help the connection between you and your baby. Baby carriers promote not only bonding but are also a convenient factor for parents. You are not lifting or scooping your baby anymore. You can perform various tasks as your hands are not tied to your baby. Performing tasks can be achieved as well as you can move around with incredible ease. Baby carriers allow you to go for a walk or run errands.

Mobility is the strongest plus with baby carriers. Another thing is babies feel secure and safe by being with their parents, especially their mothers. As your baby is constantly attached to you there is reduced crying. You don’t have to run back and forth to soothe your wailing baby. You can run your hand on your baby and pat softly in between your chores and that itself will be sufficient to calm her. And last but significant is, your back is taken care of with baby carriers. You don’t have to slouch down, adjust yourself time and again, and worry about your back and hips while carrying your baby. Hands-free mothers are happy mothers and that is the motto of baby carriers.

Momly’s Baby carrier choices


Kolkol Baby Carrier – Kolkol baby carrier is the must-have choice and is universally celebrated by moms as well as dads. Offers proper support for the spine and hips and the right positioning for the baby, these carriers are what you need to move around with your baby. Purely made of handwoven cotton, Kolkol is a fuss-free baby carrier and perfectly breathable. Some baby carriers in the brand’s collections come with a hood to support the babies in sunny weather. Waistband and shoulder strap with pads keep your back firm and put minimum pressure on the spinal area. “I love Kolkol baby carrier and am completely sold off by their collections. The easily adjustable setup, breathable fabric, easy-to-clean provision, and lightweight property make this carrier an ideal choice.”, says Mekha, Momly mom. You cannot say no to Kolkol when you see its fun, chic and catchy prints.

Butt Baby carrier – “I am using a butt baby carrier for my toddler. I feel it is okay for toddlers and it takes much load off. You can enjoy performing tasks with ease”, says Pooja Daruka and Pooja D, Momly moms. With ergonomics in place, a convertible sling and carry bag, and extra storage pockets, what else do you need in baby carriers? The stylish one strap, though keeps don’t keep your hands entirely free, offers your baby a chance to view the world and change positions on and off.


Soul slingSoul sling baby carriers are very comfortable for newborns. It is breastfeeding-friendly and has front and back carry options. The padded shoulder straps provide safety and you don’t have to look down at your shoulder again and again as you know that your baby is completely safe. “Soul sling Aseema is my forever choice. I have used it for my baby from the time he was 18 months.”, adds Pooja D. Soul sling has amazing collections and age-appropriate varieties. You can adjust the base and height according to your need.

Tips to wash the Baby Carriers

  • You can clean the spot where the stain is or wash only when needed
  • Use mild detergent soap
  • Wash separately as the colours may run out.

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