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Baby Massage oils

3 minute read, Written By: Momly

Why does massaging benefit babies?

Massage oils hold great significance in baby care regimes. Offering a massage is held in high regard in Indian households. Baby massage oil is known to strengthen the bones and muscles of a baby, improve skin health, and stimulate healthy blood flow. Giving a massage to your baby also strengthens the parent-child bond. Nothing matches the soft kneading and gentle pressing that you give to your baby but it is very important that you use the right oil while offering a massage to your baby.

What our community recommends:


Himalaya mustard oil for babies–

Himalaya baby massage oil improves the skin tone of your baby and gives the required nourishment to your baby’s skin. Himalaya is an authentic brand specializing in baby products. As it is a natural brand and steers clear from any parabens and chemicals, you can rest assured to use it for your baby. Your baby’s skin quality sees exponential growth with Himalaya baby massage oil.


Mama earth baby massage oil –

Mama earth has become a go-to brand for all baby care and maternal products. When it comes to babies, you get cautious and want to stay away from any chemicals. Mama earth baby massage oil is infused with natural ingredients like olive oil, almond, sesame, and jojoba which helps skin quality and immunity. It doesn’t leave a layer or white cast but has a non-staining trait that makes your baby’s skin smooth and supple.


Virgin coconut oil -

Coconut has played a vital role for generations. If you ask your grandmother about baby massaging, she will take you on a nostalgic lane and the crux of the story will be coconut oil. Coconut oil is purely natural and healthy oil. It can be used for all age groups, especially on your baby’s skin which is delicate and gentle to the touch. Even doctors claim coconut oil is best for massaging. The tip from Momly moms is “Apply coconut oil on your baby’s skin, leave it for a few minutes and give a fresh bath”. It not only rejuvenates your baby’s skin but also promises better sleep.


Forest essentials baby massage oil-

Forest essentials brand is worth it’s salt as they produce its products using Ayurveda formulations with the knowledge carved by Ayurveda scholars. The baby massage oil of Forest essentials is rich with highly nutritious and beneficial herbs including Jivanti. Jivanti is regarded as a magical herb for babies and prevents infections and mosquito bites on their skin. The other herbs kumud and liquorice in the oil serum give a healthy glow to their skin. This baby massage oil can also be applied after a bath as it is non-staining and infused with a soft herbal fragrance. You can lightly warm the oil before application.

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