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A guide to best Prams in the Indian market!

Prams : What & Which

4 minute read, Written By: Momly

What is a Pram?

A Pram is a baby accessory or a comfortable nest used to carry and drive a baby until it can sit independently. Since a baby’s body is not fully developed and its neck/back area is not firm enough, a pram is used to hold it in place and help with mobility. You can push a pram to take your baby to a park, shopping complex, or just for a walk in your society premises.

Why is Pram useful for your baby?

Pram is very useful as it provides comfort and support for a baby. The parents need not carry their baby all the time. It makes their life easy as you could lay your baby in a recliner pram or a pram bassinet to take a break from carrying. A pram comes with a roof or pram cover which shields the baby from heat and sunlight. Also, prams give a snug atmosphere to babies. While watching out for features in a pram, safety always comes first. We have listed certain features you can look for before making a purchase.


Pram vs stroller – What’s the difference?

Momly mom Nandini says, “Prams are for younger babies who are too small to sit or lie down without support whereas strollers are for older babies who can sit upright without support”.

What features you should look for in Pram?

  1. Adjustable roof cover
  2. Adjustable handle
  3. Basket to hold your baby’s toys, snack box, water bottle, or diaper bag
  4. Full/semi-recliner seat based on your baby’s neck position
  5. 4 Wheel prams as they offer stability and do not wobble
  6. Reversible seat and handle to adjust the facing position
  7. Extra padding.

What our community recommends:


LuvLap Galaxy Baby Pram comes with a safety harness, adjustable footrest, looking window, and a large shopping basket. With a provision to easily fold and a multi-level recliner seat, it is the best choice for babies between 0 to 3 years. It has a mini peek window to look around the world by sitting in the lap of comfort. You can keep all the baby essentials like books, toys, or rattles in the storage basket. The multi-level seat offers a choice for babies to sleep, relax and sit with their legs comfortably placed on the footrest. Oh, it can be used for newborns too. “Just pull down the back support to flat position and it is ready for newborns”, says Richa, Momly mom


Luvlap Sunshine Stroller is another go-to pram from the same household name for prams. Like the galaxy pram, it also comes with a 5-point safety harness to keep your baby completely safe. The paddings are soft and give an extra snug feeling. You can reverse the handlebar to make your baby face you when needed. The cushions are silky smooth with a provision to wash when soiled. It is a very handy pram that you can fold and tuck into your car.


Luvlap Tutti Frutti Baby Buggy offers double canopy protection that keeps your baby protected from sun and dust. The features of this stroller and the above one overlap such as a safety harness, easy fold advantage, storage basket, and a looking window. “It comes with a separate pillow and I use it for traveling. It is more cushiony and my baby can sleep comfortably in it if aligned properly” says Nandini who sings praise for this brand which puts comfort as its keyword in designing its prams.


R for Rabbit Premium Chocolate Ride Stylish Baby Stroller and Pram - while a little expensive, it is EN 1888 Certified. Every minor point is considered to give the safest product to your Baby. It offers a sun protection canopy designing its prams, a cup holder with meal rack, three recline positions and a basket. The recline positions help to use this from newborn to ages 2+. "I got this when my baby was 2 months old, and has been very useful. I have also take this on flights and travel without any issues. It is a little heavy, but a very sturdy pram" says Supriya, who has been using this for over 1 year!

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