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Parenting Prodigy: Coaching

Parenting Prodigy: Coaching

Date: Ace your parenting journey


A specialized program tailored to assist moms in navigating the challenges of raising children, focusing on key issues such as screen time management, understanding evolving needs of infants, effective tantrum management, and integrating Montessori principles into daily parenting practices. The program consists of four weekly sessions, each lasting 35 minutes, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for confident and mindful parenting.


What is covered ( 1:1 coaching, based on your challenges):

Some commonly discussed challenges:

  • Navigating Screen Time Challenges
  • Establishing age-appropriate screen time guidelines
  • Addressing evolving needs of infants and toddlers, including sleep patterns and feeding.
  • Understanding the root causes of tantrums.
  • Implementing Montessori principles in daily routines.
  • Creating a prepared environment for child-led learning.
  • Building emotional intelligence in children.
  • Issues with childrens developmental milestones


  • Sessions are conducted 1:1
  • Sessions are private and confidentiality is maintained



1. Register with your email and phone number

2. Screening call will be done with Momly team

3. Time and invite for consultation will be share based on your and expert availabilities.

4. Payment can be made towards Momly once session is confirmed.

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Discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life.

Discover women nearby who are at a similar stage in life.